Gallery for sells NFT and REAL paintings

Ultramarine anteater on the background of a red checkered plaid. 2021 year. Hardboard, acrylic paints 60х40. Grisha Danunaher.

The collaboration between ACP and Stas Bogdanov coincided with the launch of the Art.City.Crypto Blockchain Gallery.

Some of Grisha Danunaher’s works are available for purchase in digital copy (NFT).
To do this, you need a crypto-wallet, and how to set up and purchase it
digital works of art, we can explain personally to everyone.
Joint project of ACP and Antonio Erashow to create Blockchain gallery Art.City.Crypto.
has a goal to host 1,000 digital artworks by the end of the year.
We are currently negotiating with artists from 15 countries around the world.
Each of the artists will have (some already) in the Blockchain Gallery their own personal virtual hall for posting their works.
We take care of all the technical nuances of placing and promoting collections.